Sugar is my Enemy

SugarEnemyThis has become much more of a topic of discussion in my life than I ever knew it could be. How in the world could something as simple as sugar become so powerful? Well, it just is. Throughout my life sugar has meant so many things to me and boy has it been there when I needed it. At times I struggle to remember many things about my childhood, but I have very distinct memories, very happy memories about food. Particularly sweet food. Now I was never big on sodas. In fact, when I was 8 years old, I learned that caffeine was not good for my body and made a promise to no longer drink soda with caffeine in it. Actually I think I gave up most sodas and never gained a habit of drinking them.

Yet I remember in the 4th grade, we were in Spanish class and were promised the choice of a candy bar if we could memorize one of two songs in Spanish. The candy bar that I had my eye on was called the Marathon Bar.Do any of you remember that? They don’t make it any longer, but it was caramel, and that is all that mattered to me. It was a braid of caramel, laced in chocolate and I wanted it bad. So I set out to memorize that song and I remember it to this day. Let’s see if I can spell it, because I know I can say it and sing it. It was called Juan Tada Mera. I am pretty sure I just butchered it, but that is what I remember. I won it and I remember Mr. Martinez handing it to me! And I even remember eating it. I had to wait until school was over, so I watched the clock every minute. You know, the old round clocks with a black frame and rounded glass cover, with the second hand that rolled ever so slowly around the clock, ticking each second along.

I remember how amazing it tasted, how chewy and sweet it was. Caramel is as much about the texture as it is about the taste, so if it is not smooth, forget it. Until I quit eating sugar, I searched for that candy bar, all to no avail. So sugar, in the right form especially, was motivational for me from an early age, and I always seemed to find the right form.

Then as an adult, I started noticing things. Things that seemed to be talked about amongst my friends or other conversations, so I didn’t give them too much attention, until I decided I didn’t want them in my life anymore. Things like low energy in the afternoon. I have always had high energy, so what was the reason for this? Getting older was not an option for me so I didn’t buy into that. Also, my eyesight started to be less than perfect, and I have always been proud of my amazing eyesight. Wearing glasses was not something I wanted to do either. You would think that the fact that I always had an extra 40lbs on my 5’2″ body would clue me into sugar being a possibility, but no, it didn’t. I did buy into the hype about too much fat being the culprit and maybe a bit too many sweets, but I gave most of the credit to fat. I was in complete denial, I tell ya.

So when these issues were all in front of me, and I didn’t want them in my life anymore, I think I became more open to something else being the culprit. Now because I am a spiritual woman, and look to my Divine power for guidance, my Heavenly Father. I was praying one day and it came to me as a clear thought and the words were,“Sugar is your enemy”. Now I know those words did not come from my own thoughts because this is not something I would create for myself. I will never deny that those words were for me, and were a clear answer to a prayer when seeking for clarity in balancing my body.

I do not mess around when I feel a clear answer to prayer, so I tested it out, as I do many things I am wondering about. After being off of sugar completely for 2 weeks, I noticed a drastic change in one particular area of my life.Aggression. I was not nearly as aggressive as I had been. Now this was something I had prayed for help with for many years. Aggression was something I always had too much of, but never figured an answer to that problem would be to eliminate sugar.

But can I tell you, even after that. Even after losing weight. Even after my eyesight started to improve. I still got back on sugar. I still let it sneak back in, through justification here or there until it was a full fledged member of my life again. Frustrated, defeated, I knew I could never beat this and I knew I would forever be a slave to this addiction. Then one day, it changed, and it changed forever.

My daughter had come home from serving an 18-month mission for our church, and she stood up in church and talked about some of her experiences while she was gone. She talked about a young man who wanted to be baptized, but had a problem with stealing. Something that he had been taught to do since a very little boy. Not only was stealing a way of life, it was also an adrenalin rush, so his addiction to steal fulfilled many emotions for him. He knew he had to give up stealing and become and honest man in order to become baptized, but he didn’t think he could do it because he had tried and tried.

As I remember the story to be told, he was praying and was guided that his sacrifice would be to offer his weakness, his addiction to Christ, and Christ would accept the offering and take it from him. So he did just that. He gave it to Christ. From that moment on, he never stole another thing again. He saw himself give that weakness to Christ, so it no longer existed in him.

hands-to-the-skyIt was at that moment that I felt a whispering that his stealing was my sugar. I could offer my weakness of being addicted to sugar to Christ. I could give it to Him and in my minds eye, see Him take it from me. My sacrifice was to offer this commitment to Christ, and because Christ is such a key figure in my life. Because I love Him so dearly for the many things He has saved me and messes He has literally gotten me out of, He knew telling me to commit it to Him would be enough for me to be permanently committed to never eat sugar again.

And that is exactly what it took. I never saw that for myself, but He did. He knew what my heart needed to shift to for it to be a true commitment that I would not break, and I will not.

So I have wondered, what thing in someone else’s life matters so much that if they laid it on the line. If they committed their weakness to something they held very dear in their heart, would they shift like I did? Would they learn the freedom I have in no longer being in bondage to sugar and all of the issues it has caused me.

So I don’t eat anything with cane sugar in it, organic or not. I have just realized that when eating things with artificial sugars in it, they are messing with my hormones. So I will stick with Stevia, Honey, Xylitol, Eyrithmitol, and other natural substitutes. I don’t use Coconut, Palm sugars or other sugars because I feel they create the same issues for me.

vector silhouette of a girl with raised hands and broken chains

I have lost over 30 lbs just from getting off of sugar alone, and that is without exercise. I have had more energy and found myself being much more kind. I able to learn new things that I feel I was not able to before because sugar caused a brain fog of some kind. And my memory is so much better it is almost laughable. Who would have thought that eliminating something as simple as white table sugar, could change my life in so many positive ways.

Through lots of research, I have learned that scientists now have put white processed sugar in the same category with Cocaine, for it’s addictive abilities, as well as creating a “high” effect. It is in so many things, that we are used to feeling this way, so we cannot see clearly, literally and figuratively, how sugar has changed us. I have also learned that it is not the fat in our diet, but the sugar, that creates heart disease. Fat has been demonized in America, and the lack thereof is what is creating so many auto immune diseases, because the brain isn’t getting fed it’s main need to exist and function properly, fat! But that is a subject for another day.

All in all, I have to say, without sugar in my life, my life is sweeter than it has ever been, on so many levels.

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