Please take a look over the services that I offer and email me at with any questions or to get started!

One-on-One Mentoring

  • 50 min sessions to tackle personal issues of all natures. Overcome what holds you back from achieving your hearts desires. Re-train your thought process to recognize your self talk and change it to words that create results and positive emotion. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Rapid Eye Therapy Packages

  • Free 20 minute consultation to learn about it and ask questions.
  • 1-1.5 hour sessions sold in singles and packages. I highly recommend getting a package, as there are many layers that have come throughout your life that the body is ready to release in steps as it can process the changes.

What is Rapid Eye Technology (RET)?

RET is a natural, safe way to release stress and trauma. RET simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release system. This powerful quick release happens without reliving the trauma. Accessing the whole mind/body system while in an awake state allows you to be in control of your own journey. RET empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing negative belief systems, negative thought forms, and emotions—all of which contribute to emotional stress. Typically, RET sessions are conducted in 1 to 1.5 hour blocks. Cost varies by technician.

What Makes RET Work?

RET, physiologically and psychologically, opens up the neuropathways where the energetic memories of our personal and inherited traumatic experiences are trapped. For instance, being trapped in the birth canal, trapped in a car accident, or trapped in a relationship, are all on the same neuropathway.

We believe neurons in the brain stem switch on the same way they do in REM sleep, causing communication at the cellular level throughout the body. Energy confined at the cellular level by emotional or physical trauma is thus accessed allowing energy discharge through a fast eye blinking process. Clients release issues and emotions at a comfortable rate without reliving incidents.

How Can Rapid Eye Technology Assist Me?

Do you have any personal, family or relationship patterns or issues in your family you would like to change? Rapid Eye works to release limiting patterns and beliefs. Once free from limiting patterns and behaviors set up from the past, there is energy for creating a healthy, joyful future. Clients report they feel immediate benefits, experience wholeness and feel resolution in each session.

LifeVision Creation

  • This is where you get to re-train your subconscious mind. We work in 5 areas of your life. Personal, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial/Professional. Recorded with your own voice to baroque music that taps into the Theta state of mind, your brain will accept the message given and you will start to naturally create the results you record. Simple process, incredible results. My most powerful tool by far without RET sessions.

Mentoring with LifeVision Creation COMBO

  • One on one mentoring description above, paired with creating your LifeVision that is described above. These two together will create unstoppable results. Alone each service is very powerful. Together, you cover every base and are ready to tackle anything and everything that is holding you back.