If Africa Can Change, So Can You

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I am going to Africa. I am going to teach the people of Africa how to re-train their subconscious mind so they will create the life they want, instead of the life that is leading them. I tell you out of all of the tools I use with my clients that I love so dearly, this is the #1 most powerful to me. We fight all of our lives trying to figure out why we  do what we do when we want to do more, be more, keep our commitments, live bigger lives, stick to the task, lose the weight, exercise more, work harder, make that hard call, speak the hard words, get up early in the morning, create a plan, take that class, change our career, pay for that dress, talk kind to ourselves, hire a mentor, write that book, sign that lease, go to that conference, stop eating sugar, quit smoking, get out of that unhealthy relationship, say yes when we said no instead or vice versa. Why do we play small? Why do I not keep commitments to myself? Why can I not stop those voices in my head? Why am I such a loser?

I am going to teach the people of Africa who dare to make a real change in their lives, exactly how to do it. The thing is, there are thousands of them running to this class. They can’t get enough. Before we came, they didn’t even understand the concept of dreaming or that there for sure will be a tomorrow. Survival was such an ingrained part of life we had to teach them first to know they can have a tomorrow and then that they have the power to change tomorrow by changing their thoughts. These are people in a 3rd world country who are running to come and learn to create this and implement it in their lives and they are having terrific results with it. Everyone who uses this has terrific results and we in America don’t run to do it. Why is this?

distractedI think it is because we are distracted. Plain ole distraction.

This is my biggest and easiest hold back to moving forward. I was easily distracted, always had been, until I became aware of how much I have allowed this to rule my life. Now, although I had created a habit of living this way, I am changing my habits and awarenesses and my whole life has and is changed. I love who I am and I have just begun.

I put in my Life Vision that I would lose 25lbs by Christmas, and I lost 23 lbs. Do you think that was a fail? Do you think I was sad that I didn’t make my goal? Heck no! I was ecstatic to say the least. I broke a weight plateau that I hadn’t broken for decades.  I passed that goal by approximately 5 lbs by New Years Eve and am still going steadily. I put in my LV that I would go to Africa in the Spring of 2015, with zero knowledge how that could happen. Most especially because  Jay was not working and it didn’t look like he would be working for a long time, if again, so my mind could not create the how for that to make sense in my mind. Well I am going to Africa and the tickets are booked and paid for. Not only that, but I had in my Life Vision that I would travel the countries of the world and I named several of them. On the way back from Africa, I am stopping in Germany for a week with a dear friend and she and I are going to plane hop to see about 5 of those countries that I wanted to see. All in my Life Vision.

interenalchangeI put it out there and it all started on it’s way to making it real because everything is energetic. Words are hugely powerful and I tell my kids and clients this all the time. You create your world with your thoughts. Your words come from your thoughts. So what words are coming out of your mouth? Look around you. What results are you getting in your life? Are they the ones you want? I bet they are exactly what you are thinking about. I bet they are even the words you speak. Want to learn how to change that? Let’s make your Life Vision and start changing that now!!! I’m not kidding. That sounded like a sales pitch. It is the best news you may have ever heard when it comes to changing and creating your life. I am never one to blow smoke when it comes to truths. This is a truth that we all deserve to live into. Just change your thoughts and change your world and you do that by changing your subconscious mind. I can help you with that. Let do this!

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