My name is Misty Thompson and I love my life! I am the owner and creator of Love, Love, Love Your Life! I grew up the second child, in a family of eight (8) children in Farmington, NM.

MistyThompson_PhotoI am the mother of 22 amazing children and I am very proud of each and every one of them.

I was a foster and peer parent for the state of Utah and became guardians of, and adopted, 11 children. I currently homeschool 7 of my children, with 9 still at home. I feel like I am one of the students, as I am learning more than my children are. I am receiving certification in Rapid Eye Technology and very practiced in natural healing and all of the blessings that come from using the things that we have been blessed with on this earth.

I have been a personal mentor/coach and public speaker since 2008, and this is my passion. My specialty, and favorite tool to use, is re-training the subconscious mind. This creates results that goal setting can only scratch the surface on.

More background, details and tidbits about me: I was a weight trainer for many years. I competed in the Utah State Olympics, 100M dash. I was also humbled to be the Utah Honorary Mother of the Year for 2005. I owned a full service salon in Provo, UT. I was a Sous Chef for personal clients and at the Sundance Film Festival. I love to ride my motorcycle, I love to travel. My favorite workouts are with weights or Yoga. I am currently writing a book on my life with the intention of inspiring others to take on their life with eyes wide open.

Everyday feels like an exciting opportunity to learn something big and try it out.

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